5 great parks and gardens in Copenhagen

There are many very beautiful parks and gardens in Copenhagen. I have picked 5 of the best parks and gardens for you to explore or enjoy on a sunny day.

Hidden well behind the Christiansborg Castle is the small but very charming garden of the Royal Library.

One of the largest parks of Copenhagen is located a bit far from the city centre, nevertheless very reachable by metro. The park features a colony of the Grey Heron and in the spring time lawns covered with multicolored crocuses.

While Veste Cemetery is a large cemetery it is also used by Copenhageners as a park or recreational area where they go for a stroll with the baby, the dog or a friend. If you go there you will find not only gravestones but also a beautiful garden.

Technically speaking The Lakes are not really niether a garden or a park, however, it is one of the favourite Copenhagen outdoors spots where people find an open space to go for a run or to stroll with an expensive coffee from one of the many nearby coffee shops.

The Valby Park is situated next to the southern waterfront. There is a large and popular playground for kids, so it is a good place to go with kids.

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