What is Copenhagen?

When ever I have travelled around the world I have met many people who do not know what Copenhagen or Denmark is. To the citizens of Copenhagen like me this is very amusing and a little insulting too .. we think it is – if not the center of the universe – at least the very important capital of the well known country of Denmark.

However, the truth is: Denmark is a very small country in Europe not well known to the people residing on other continents. I have learned that many have the misconception that Copenhagen is Dutch or that Sweden is the capital of Copenhagen. In fact a lot of people do not know where and what Copenhagen is, and a lot of people do not know where and what Denmark is.

If you are visiting this site and is interested in Copenhagen you might be interested in the basic fact about Copenhagen if you not already know:

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Denmark is a country in Europe.

The confusion about Copenhagen might be a result of the many different ways to spell it: Kopenhagen, København, Kobenhavn, Koppenhagen … I have written a post on How to Spell Copenhagen

Where is Copenhagen?

So now that we have this set straight, you might ask: where IS Copenhagen then? Where is Denmark even?

I once met a woman in India who asked me – when I told her I was from Denmark – “How long does it take to walk to Denmark?”. From India it takes a h… of a long time to walk.

Copenhagen is located in Denmark. On the island called Sjælland. Denmark is a country in Northern Europe and is located just north of Germany. It is surrounded by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

So Copenhagen is not located in Holland or in Sweden. Copenhagen is not Dutch, neither is it the capital of Sweden nor is Sweden the capital in Denmark. Denmark is not Dutch. Dutch is related to the Netherlands – an area I will not try to make myself an expert in.

How do you spell Copenhagen? Is it Koppenhagen? Or Kobenhavn?​

I understand that this can be a source of confusion. The name of this city can be spelled in numerous ways depending on who you are or what language you speak. So I have written a post on the spelling of Copenhagen. Or is it Kopenhagen or Kobenhavn ? Or even Koppenhagen?

Please, follow the link to get the answers:
How to spell Copenhagen

What to see in Copenhagen Denmark and what to do?

This is what this site is mostly about. Read more in my post and have a look around. Maybe you will find some info about Copenhagen and might want to visit some day.

Botanical Gardens - Palm House - View from across the lake

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King's Garden Copenhagen - Fountain

King’s Garden

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