Christiansborg Palace area

The area around Christiansborg Palace rewards the visitor with an abundance of historic buildings in neo-baroq, rococo and neo-classical styles. If you are lucky your visit might coincide with a work out of the horses from the Royal Stables behind the main palace..

The main palace building houses the Danish parliament and the offices of the parliament members. But the area has many other attractions: the Christiansborg Chapel, which is often used by the royal family for funerals, christenings and other church functions, the Royal Stables, the historic Royal Library and the Royal Library Garden and the ancient ruins of Absalon’s Castle and Copenhagen Castle.

Christiansborg Palace Stables horsese-excersise on theoutdoor arena

In the evening Christiansborg Palace is a pretty sight from across Frederiksholms Canal. In winter when the night falls around four p.m. the palace is busy with the hard-working parliamnt politicians behind the lit up windows.

Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen at night
Morning by Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen

The area is inclosed by the picturesque Frederiksholms Canal

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