Enghave Square at Vesterbro in Copenhagen

Copenhagen neighborhoods

While most visitors to Copenhagen visit the inner city it is worth while noticing many of the other areas of Copenhagen. In the predominantly residential areas of ‘the bros’ – Vesterbro, Nørrebro and Østerbro, along with Amager and Frederiksberg most of the residents live their daily lives and only come into the center for work. For this reason you will find the most authentic, untouristic atmosphere in the streets and restaurants of these areas.




Copenhagen's neighborhood Vesterbro is known to be the young and hip part of town. It has many cafes, bars and restaurants and true enough a lot of young people likes to live here or hang out. h

Entrance to the Royal Library Garden from Christiansborg Castle courtyard

The Inner City

The inner city is know as the medieval city center not lacking narrow streets of cobbled stones and halos of street lamps. Shops, main attractions, Nyhavn - it is where many tourists like to spend their time.

The University Gardens Frederiksberg


Frederiksberg is despite its name a part of Copenhagen. It is a small distance from the city center but is worth the effort of going by bus, bike or metro.

The Harbour

The harbour area in Copenhagen features cosy cafes and food markets with a view, outdoor baths and great opportunities for a long walk or bike ride with the wind in your hair.


Valby is located a bit from the center but easily accessible by the S-train that runs between Nørreport and the Central Station every 5-10 minutes.

Nørrebrogade - Nørrebro in Copenhagen


A 5 minute walk from the harbour bus stop and across the rusty bridge you will reach the food market. In November only the Mikeller beer hall is open. On this cold day I found a camp fire going outside.

Mikeller at Refshaleøen by Copenhagen Harbour in November

Refshale Island

At Refshale Island you find a raw, undeveloped industrial area with cool restaurants, skater park, indoor climbing park and – in the summer time – a large food market.