Horsback riding tours at Amager West nature reserve

The horses rest before the tours

Horseback riding at West Amager – guided tours

For hose lovers and the otherwise adventurous lies a great opportunity for at day out of the central city at the nature reserve at West Amager. The stables Amager Voksenridetur offers guided horseback riding tours for all levels as well as the renting a horse if you are at advanced level. For kids with no riding experience it is possible to rent a small pony for an hour to lead by rope by an adult.

I went with my daughter of 11 on a warm day of early spring for a guided tour. She is an intermediate rider and could go by herself with the small tour group that consisted of three other people and a guide. She was very excited by the experience and had a lovely 1.5 hours around the area on the back of a calm and good tempered fjord horse.

West Amager nature reserve

The tours takes you around the wild nature reserve of West Amager. It consists of forest, marshes, meadows and beaches. Bird lovers can observe the many birds of the salty lakes of the marshes and if you bring swimsuit you can take a dip in the sea.
Read more about the area West Amager at Wikipedia


Horseback riding at the beaches and marshlands at Amager

Amager Voksenridetur – horsback riding for all levels of experience

To learn more about schedules and prices visit the website amagervoksenridetur.dk. You will find many more pictures of horse and the tours at their site (in Danish only).

To book a tour in advance text the number on the website – the number you see at the sign below.

To get to the pickup point is very easy without a car. The bus line 33 runs from the Copenhagen City Hall Square to the stables. We were taken by mini van from there to the starting point in the nature reserve. You can also show up at the starting point. Then take the bus a stop longer and walk 10 minutes down the road.

I paid DKK 320  for a 1.5 hour long guided tour in a small group for one person. They also have shorter trips and kid’s horses lead by a rope.


Horseback riding in Copenhagen's Amager nature reserve
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