Refshaleøen is the undeveloped industrial area in Copenhagen – raw and upcoming

At Refshaleøen (Refshaleoen Island) you find a raw, undeveloped industrial area with cool restaurants, skater park (Refshaleøen Skate Park) right at the water front, indoor climbing park (Blocks and Walls) and – in the summer time – a large food market where you can enjoy a relaxed dinner outside by a picnic table with a view of the water.

If you like the industrial style, rust, cracks, mud, empty plots and large, old style industry buildings that has been converted to hip cultural spaces this could be your favorite part of Copenhagen. I like this area a lot because of its hidden corners with unplanned and undeveloped spaces.

A 5 minute walk from the harbour bus stop and across the rusty bridge you will reach the food market. In November only the Mikkeller beer hall is open. On this cold day I found a camp fire going outside.

Mikeller at Refshaleøen by Copenhagen Harbour in November
Mikkeller beer at the Copenhagen Harbour

The Refshaleoen is home to the Urban Rigger student housing designed by BIG architects (who also designed CopenHill, VM Housing and 8-tallet in Copenhagen as well as many great buildings around the world).

Refshaleøen at Copenhagen Harbour - Urban Rigger by BIG architecture - Bjarke Ingels - Student Housing at the waterfront
Refshaleoen at Copenhagen Harbour - Student Housing Urban Rigger på BIG architechture

On my walk in November the weather was typical Copenhagen November weather: grey, gloomy and only a few rays of sun.

In off peak season (the summer time in may-september) it might be somewhat deserted at Refshaleoen. The food market, which attracts a lot of life, is closed. On my visit in November I found a few indoor restaurants open. Broaden and Build and La Banchina at the waterfront (which boast of a waterfront sauna!) were both open to visitors.

Spooky places - Refshaleøen Island in Copenhagen Harbour

Refshaleøen can be quite spooky at dusk.

Reshaleøen in Copenhagen - Green field in an industrial area

On this walk in late October I passed by this green plot with grass and flowers.

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