Harbour bath at Copenhagen Mall – swim in the clear waters of the harbour

One of the coolest things to do when you visit Copenhagen is to enjoy a swim right in the clear waters of the harbour. The harbour bath at Copenhagen Mall might not be the most popular one. However, if you prefer a less crowded place this is the spot for you.

If you are taking a stroll from Langebro to Copenhagen Mall (Fisketorvet Mall) be sure to bring your swimming gear. At Fisketorvet you find one of Copenhagen’s coolest harbour baths. Entrance is free.

Maybe you wonder if the water is suitable for swimming? Most ports have quite dirty water, don’t they? However, when it comes to Copenhagen’s port it has obtained very clean water during the last decade. The authorities maintain a system of measuring the water quality on a daily basis.

Just bring your swimming gear and your motivation for swimming in clear, refreshing harbor water. There is no locker rooms, so I prefer to show up with my swim suit already on. If you really need to change you can find public restrooms in Fisketorvet (Copenhagen Mall) next door.

After you dip the Copenhagen Mall is right next to the bath, so it is very easy to get a bit at McDonald’s or one of the other informal restaurants at the mall.

You can reach the Fisketorvet Harbour Bath easily by foot from the city center. It is a 10 minute walk along the harbour from the bridge Langebro. You can choose the east side of the harbour or the more lively west side and then cross back to the bath over the bridge Bryggebroen.

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