How to spell Copenhagen? Or Kopenhagen or .. even Coppenhagen? And where is it?

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How do you spell Copenhagen

How do you spell Copenhagen

What is the capital of Denmark called and how do you spell it? Some people go for Kopenhagen, others prefer Copenhagen and others yet opt for Koppenhaggen or Coppenhagen.

The correct name is København, which is the name in Danish.

However, the spelling ‘Copenhagen’ seems to be the preferred use for English speakers, while in Germany they call the capital of Denmark ‘Kopenhagen’. The French and Spanish spelling of Copenhagen is Copenhague and in Portuguese Copenhagen is called Copenhaga. So there is no right or wrong in how to spell Copenhagen. It depends on where you are from. If you spell it in English – that is Copenhagen – you will probably be most safe.

How to pronounce København? Listen

Where is Copenhagen actually and what do they speak?

Is Copenhagen the capital of Sweden? Or do we speak Dutch?

No, and no.

Copenhagen is the Capital of Denmark, which is a country in Europe, and the language is Danish.

Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands and the Capital of Sweden is Stockholm

Copenhagen also has its own special Swedish version: Köpenhamn. If you want to hear the way Swedes pronounce it listen to this: Köbenhamn in Swedish

Is Frederiksberg in Copenhagen?

And don’t forget: Frederiksberg is also a part of Copenhagen. It is an area surrounded by Copenhagen but has its own local government and name. People living there mostly consider themselves a Copenhageners.

Frederiksberg Gardens

What is there to see in Copenhagen?

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